Scott's Travel Management (herein after referred to as "The Company") accepts passports and other documents for processing only under these terms and conditions. Any variation of these Terms and Conditions is only valid if made in writing and signed by a senior member of The Company's management. These Terms and Conditions are to be governed by the laws of England.

1. Outbound Visas

The Company makes every effort to obtain visas valid for the destination, purpose, period of time and number of entries requested by the client. However, The Company is not responsible for any decision by the relevant authority not to issue the required visa, or to issue one different to that requested. Furthermore, it is the client's express responsibility to ensure that the visa received matches their requirements. In the event that:
     (i)   the visa does not match the client’s requirements, OR
     (ii)  the visa is refused, OR
     (iii) the visa is delayed
and should The Company have caused any of these situations through error or omission, then The Company's liability is strictly limited to the cost of a replacement visa or refund of all fees paid and The Company cannot accept any responsibility for any other loss, damage, or consequential loss such as, but not limited to: lost profits, lost income, or lost airfares. Any such claims must be made within 90 days of the order being made.

The Company cannot be held responsible for any actions whatsoever by embassies/consulates/passport offices/visa centres. Such actions may include: unexpected and unexplained delays or refusals of visas, loss or damage to passports or other documents.

The Company keeps and maintains a database of information concerning the requirements and costs of obtaining various visas. This information is made available on this website in good faith and every effort is made to keep this information correct and up to date. However, The Company cannot accept responsibility or liability for any errors/and or omissions.

The Company takes great care when in possession of clients' passports and other documents. But should any such item be lost or damaged then The Company's liability is restricted to the direct cost of replacing the relevant item.

Delivery: The Company will arrange collection/return delivery of clients' passports and documents by whichever means is agreed most suitable with the client. The Company cannot be held responsible for delays, damage or loss caused by any third party postal/courier company.

Consular fees and rules are often changed without notice. Should such changes occur between the time of the original client request and the time when the visa is obtained, the client is responsible for paying the new charges.

In cases where the client is refused a visa by the relevant consulate, the client is still liable to pay The Company's fees and, where applicable, any fee levied by the consulate to consider the application.

The Company reserves the right not to return passports and documents until it has received payment in full of both consular fees and its own fees.

The Company reserves the right to refuse to accept an order from any particular individual or organisation without giving any reason.

2. Inbound / UK Visas

Once a contract for immigration services has been fully agreed (including agreement of these Terms & Conditions) between the Company and the Client the Company will, other than in exceptional situations, perform the contract to the end. Such exceptional circumstances include a situation where the Client is behaving unreasonably or inappropriately or a situation where the relationship between the Company and the Client has broken down to the point where it is no longer feasible to continue to work together or a situation where the Client requires the Company to do anything immoral or illegal. It also includes a situation where force majeure operates.
If the Company decides to terminate the contract it will inform the Client of this, and the reasons for it, in writing.
The Company does not guarantee success and only in exceptional circumstances does it offer a conditional fee arrangement (no-win no-fee). Such arrangements will always be made in writing. In all cases the Company will employ its best endeavours to provide the Client with the best advice and to achieve a successful result in the Client’s matter.
The Company will normally charge the Client a fixed fee for the work agreed. The Company will normally require the Client to pay fees before work is started on the matter, and will require payment of the fees in full (including any fees payable to the immigration authorities) before any application is submitted to the immigration authorities. If the Client does not pay the fees in full before an application is due to be submitted to the immigration authorities the Company reserves the right not to submit the application.
The Company may offer the Client an hourly rate fees arrangement, which will normally be a rate of £75 plus VAT per hour. In this situation the Company may ask the Client to pay fees in advance on account.
If the Client’s matter is unsuccessful due to substandard work by the Company, the Company’s liability is limited to making a full refund to the Client of all fees paid. Other than is implied by the laws of England and Wales, the Company cannot accept any responsibility for any other loss, damage or consequential loss arising from delay to, or failure of, any application.
If the Client withdraws their instructions before the work on their matter has been completed the Company may offer the Client a commensurate refund. The amount of the refund shall be determined solely by the Company on a calculation based on time spent at a rate of £75 plus VAT per hour. If the Client withdraws their instructions after all the work on the matter has been completed (whether or not any application has been submitted to the immigration authorities) no refund will be available.

The Company will not liaise with or contact any third party (except the immigration authorities) about a Client’s case without express agreement and permission from the Client. The Company also reserves the right not to liaise with a third party about a Client’s case, if it does not consider it appropriate.